The Houstonian


The Houstonian


The Houstonian seats ten of your closest friends.  The base is constructed using ASTM A36 hot rolled plate and tubing.  The stone is locally sourced Leuder's limestone sawn and sandblasted for a smooth clean finish.  The slab features true 90 degree corners with a "chipped" finish on each end.  Due to the limited tensile strength of stone, the 2.25" slab is broken at 6' to create an off-set seam wrapped with a three-sided steel "sleeve" to conceal the break.  The slab is finished with an outdoor grade impregnating sealer to minimize staining without compromising the natural characteristics of the stone.  Custom grades of steel and variations in stone are always welcome upon request.  Available for local pick up or delivery only.

Height - 30"

Length - 108"

Width - 36"

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Our products are constructed from low-carbon steel, aka "mild" steel.  Mild steel consists of mainly iron and carbon.  Oxygen will inevitably combine with iron to form iron oxide a.k.a. rust.  This process is facilitated and even enhanced with the presence of moisture.  The greater the moisture, the quicker the oxidation, thus care should be taken in the product's placement as rust can potentially bleed onto surrounding surfaces.  This process can be decelerated with a rust-inhibiting paint or clear coat that can be installed at an additional charge.  Please contact us directly for options and pricing.

Build Quality, Warranty, and Turnaround

The thinnest plate used in our shop is 1/8".  We have found that anything less for applications such as these compromises durability.  All planters come with leveling feet to accommodate uneven surfaces as well as drainage holes in the bottom plate to provide relief from boggy soil.  All of our products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Please note that rusting, as mentioned above, is not considered a defect and will not be treated as such. Otherwise,  please direct any warranty inquiries to and we will quickly address any issues you may have. Orders typically ship from our shop within 5 business days from the date of purchase. 


All prices include shipping costs for the contiguous United States via ground transport unless noted otherwise. Shipping beyond the contiguous United States is available upon request, as is expedited shipping.  All sales are final.